Transforming Emily Ingham Art

into a Flourishing Business

Project Overview

Emily Ingham, a talented young artist with a burgeoning reputation, sought to elevate her art business to new heights. Despite already achieving recognition through features, likes, and shares by celebrities and influencers, Emily aimed to solidify her business foundation and accelerate growth. The Marketing Factory was brought on board to provide comprehensive business mentoring, focusing on financial management, marketing strategies, and operational efficiency.


The challenge lay in transitioning Emily's art from a passion to a profitable business model. This required a deep dive into the financial aspects of her business, including revenue tracking, budgeting, and cost analysis, along with enhancing her marketing efforts and improving productivity and time management.

Our Approach

Our tailored mentoring program for Emily Ingham Art included several key components designed to address the specific needs of an artist-turned-entrepreneur:

Financial Mastery

We started with the fundamentals, establishing clear revenue goals, spending budgets, and savings plans. Understanding the cost of goods sold (COGS) allowed for more informed pricing strategies and financial planning.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Monthly marketing campaigns were planned to boost visibility and sales, leveraging Emily's existing online presence and influencer connections to reach a wider audience.

Operational Efficiency

Introducing effective time recording practices helped Emily better manage her time, allowing for increased productivity and a more balanced work-life dynamic.

Fee Structuring

We reviewed and adjusted Emily's fee structure to better reflect the value of her work and her growing brand, ensuring her pricing strategy supported her financial goals.


The impact of our mentoring program was transformative:

Significant Revenue Growth

Emily Ingham Art witnessed an astonishing 400% increase in annual turnover, significantly surpassing initial revenue projections.

Enhanced Productivity and Time Management

The introduction of structured time management practices led to outstanding improvements in productivity, allowing Emily to focus more on her art and less on administrative tasks.


The Marketing Factory's mentoring program facilitated a profound transformation for Emily Ingham Art. By addressing critical business fundamentals, implementing strategic marketing, and improving operational practices, we helped turn Emily's artistic passion into a thriving and financially robust business. This case study exemplifies our ability to adapt our expertise to the unique challenges of the creative sector, driving remarkable success for our clients.

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