Rebranding Stadiums Queensland

for the Global Stage

Project Overview

In 2021, The Marketing Factory embarked on a transformative journey with Stadiums Queensland, specifically focusing on the Queensland Country Bank Stadium. The goal was ambitious yet clear: to overhaul the stadium’s brand, elevating its appeal to not only resonate with local communities but also captivate an international audience, thereby attracting world-class performers and events.


The primary challenge was to craft a brand identity for Queensland Country Bank Stadium that would shine on the global stage while maintaining a strong local connection. This dual focus required a delicate balance—creating a brand that stands out in the competitive international arena without losing its regional essence and appeal.

Our Approach

Our comprehensive strategy encompassed a range of design and marketing services aimed at achieving brand consistency, professionalism, and international appeal:

Brand Development

We initiated the project with an in-depth brand development process, designing a visual identity that reflects the stadium’s ambitions and values, and resonates with both local fans and international visitors.

Ongoing Design Services

Our team provided continuous design support, ensuring every piece of communication—from digital assets to physical signage—embodied the new brand ethos perfectly.

Campaign and Event Marketing

We created engaging marketing campaigns and promotional materials for a variety of events, carefully tailored to appeal to diverse audiences and draw attention to the stadium’s world-class facilities.

Innovative Signage

Custom signage solutions were developed to enhance the visitor experience, guide guests seamlessly, and reinforce the stadium’s brand presence throughout the venue.

Emergency Procedure Video Production

To add a unique touch and ensure safety messages were communicated effectively, we produced a fun yet informative emergency procedure video, blending important information with the stadium’s brand personality.


The rebranding and subsequent marketing efforts have significantly elevated Queensland Country Bank Stadium’s position in both the local and international spheres:

Brand Recognition

The new brand identity has been widely embraced, enhancing the stadium’s reputation as a premier destination for sports and entertainment.

Increased Engagement

The marketing campaigns and event promotions have seen a marked increase in engagement, drawing larger audiences to a wide range of events.

International Appeal

The stadium has successfully attracted international performers and events, thanks in part to its compelling brand and professional presentation.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

From signage to safety videos, every touchpoint has been optimized to improve the overall experience for visitors, making it memorable and distinctively branded.


The collaboration between The Marketing Factory and Stadiums Queensland for the Queensland Country Bank Stadium rebranding has been a resounding success. By crafting a brand that resonates on both a local and international level, and supporting it with consistent, professional design and marketing services, we have helped position the stadium as a top-tier venue for performers and events from around the globe.

This case study exemplifies our commitment to excellence and our ability to meet complex branding and marketing challenges head-on.

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