Revitalising Online Presence

for Parkside Land


Since its inception, Parkside Land has established itself as a premier residential land developer, boasting a portfolio of multiple development sites. Recognising the potential to enhance its online footprint, Parkside Land sought The Marketing Factory's expertise to refine its social media strategy. Our mission was to transform their digital presence into a captivating, user-friendly destination that resonates with and engages their target audience effectively.


The diverse nature of Parkside Land's projects, each with its unique appeal and audience, necessitated a nuanced approach to social media marketing. The primary challenge was to craft a unified yet adaptable online strategy that not only highlighted the individual strengths of each development but also presented Parkside Land as the go-to name in residential development. The aim was to stand out in a saturated market, fostering engagement and enhancing visibility across their digital platforms.

Our Approach

In response to this challenge, we devised a comprehensive strategy that synergized Parkside Land's online presence, tailored to the nuances of the real estate development industry. Our approach encompassed:

Strategic Market Insight

Conducting in-depth market research to grasp the competitive landscape, potential buyer personas, and the unique positioning of Parkside Land's developments.

Customised Social Media Strategy

Developing a bespoke social media plan that balanced the overarching brand narrative with the specific attributes of each development, ensuring a cohesive yet distinctive online identity.

Engagement-Driven Initiatives

Implementing targeted, engaging content and campaigns designed to draw in the target audience, foster community interaction, and build a loyal following.

Performance Analytics

Establishing a robust framework for tracking and analyzing the performance of social media efforts, enabling data-driven adjustments to maximize engagement and reach.


The collaboration between Parkside Land and The Marketing Factory has yielded remarkable outcomes:

Unified Online Identity

Successfully crafted a compelling, unified digital presence that underscores the diversity and appeal of Parkside Land's offerings while bolstering the brand's market position.

Surge in Audience Engagement

Witnessed a substantial increase in audience interaction, with a significant rise in monthly reach (+96.5%) and profile visits (+137.4%), translating into heightened brand visibility and interest.

Accelerated Growth in Market Presence

Our strategic social media initiatives have significantly contributed to Parkside Land's growth, enhancing its reputation as a leader in residential land development and attracting a broader audience base.


The Marketing Factory's strategic intervention has revolutionised Parkside Land's social media approach, turning it into a dynamic, engaging platform that effectively attracts and engages potential buyers. Our tailored, insight-driven strategy underscores our commitment to elevating our clients' digital presence, demonstrating the profound impact of a well-executed social media strategy in the competitive real estate development sector.

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