Amplifying Doctor to Your Door

Service in Newcastle

Project Overview

Doctor to Your Door, an after-hours home doctor service, experienced remarkable success in its initial location in Townsville. With an ambition to replicate and surpass this success, the service aimed to expand into Newcastle. The Marketing Factory was tasked with a comprehensive marketing campaign to introduce and establish the service in the new market. Our objective was clear: to achieve rapid patient acquisition and build a strong brand presence in Newcastle.


The primary challenge was to quickly gain traction in a new city where the brand was relatively unknown. The service needed to not only attract a large patient base within a short timeframe but also establish a trustful relationship with the community, competing against established local services and navigating the unique dynamics of a new market.

Our Approach

Our strategy was multifaceted, focusing on mass media production, digital marketing, and direct community engagement:

Mass Media Production and Advertising

We launched an extensive advertising campaign that included radio, television, and online ads, tailored to resonate with the Newcastle audience and highlight the convenience and reliability of the service.

Digital Media Graphics

Our digital team developed engaging graphics and visual content for social media platforms and online advertising, aiming to capture the attention of potential patients and drive online inquiries.

Signage and Printing

We designed eye-catching signage and printed materials for local healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and community centers, ensuring high visibility in key locations.

Direct Marketing

Through targeted direct mail campaigns and local community outreach, we personally introduced the service to Newcastle residents, emphasizing its unique selling points and patient care excellence.


The campaign’s impact was immediate and significant:

Rapid Patient Growth

Within just 6 weeks of launching in Newcastle, "Doctor to Your Door" successfully attracted over 1,500 patients per month—a milestone that had taken 18 months to achieve in Townsville.

Successful Acquisition

The impressive growth and solid market position led to the sale of the company to a national healthcare provider, at a valuation far exceeding the owner's expectations.


The Marketing Factory’s comprehensive approach to introducing "Doctor to Your Door" in Newcastle demonstrated our ability to not only quickly adapt and apply successful marketing strategies to new markets but also significantly accelerate business growth.

Through targeted advertising, creative digital content, and direct community engagement, we were able to establish a strong brand presence, achieve remarkable patient acquisition rates, and ultimately facilitate a highly profitable business transaction. This case study exemplifies our expertise in healthcare marketing and our commitment to achieving exceptional results for our clients.

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