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Abano Healthcare


The Marketing Factory has been pivotal in redefining the marketing landscape for Abano Healthcare, a leading name in the Australasian dental industry. Operating two major dental brands, 1300SMILES Dentists and Maven Dental, alongside numerous unbranded practices within its expansive network, Abano Healthcare represents a significant portion of the dental practice market across Australia. Our goal was to innovate marketing, communication, and growth strategies across this diverse network.


Abano Healthcare's diverse portfolio, including both flagship brands and unbranded practices, presented a unique challenge: to develop and implement a unified yet flexible marketing strategy that addresses the needs of each brand and practice while fostering a cohesive identity for Abano Healthcare. The objective was to distinguish Abano Healthcare in a highly competitive market, improving patient engagement and driving growth across the portfolio.

Our Approach

We tailored a multi-faceted marketing strategy that respected the individual identity of each practice under the Abano Healthcare umbrella while leveraging the strengths of their collective network. Our approach included:

Strategic Market Insight

Conducting comprehensive research to understand the dental market's dynamics, patient expectations, and the unique position of Abano Healthcare's brands and practices.

Customised Marketing Strategy

Crafting a bespoke marketing plan that harmonized the overarching goals of Abano Healthcare with the specific needs of 1300SMILES Dentists, Maven Dental, and the unbranded practices.

Ongoing Marketing Initiatives

Rolling out consistent, engaging marketing activities tailored to each segment of the network, designed to enhance visibility, patient engagement, and loyalty.

Brand Innovation

Comtinually evolving the brands to ensure that they are appealing to the ever changing patient needs in a highly competitive market. Working closely under the direction of their digital team to create more "clickable" images and use this framework across the portfolio.


Our strategic partnership with Abano Healthcare has led to significant achievements:

Unified Brand Presence

Successfully established a coherent brand presence that respects the individuality of each practice while reinforcing Abano Healthcare's overarching brand.

Increased Patient Engagement

Achieved marked improvements in patient engagement levels online, leading to higher retention and acquisition rates across the network.

Driving Profitable Growth

Delivered a measurable impact on the profitability of Abano Healthcare's practices, with strategic marketing initiatives driving growth and enhancing the patient base.


The Marketing Factory's collaboration with Abano Healthcare underscores our ability to navigate complex marketing challenges within the dental sector. By developing a tailored, insightful marketing strategy that embraces the diversity of Abano Healthcare's network, we have cemented their status as a leader within marketing the dental industry.

Our journey since 2016 is a testament to our commitment to fostering growth, innovation, and success for our clients, demonstrating the transformative power of strategic marketing partnership.

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